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By Prince Segun Soneye

The Executive Chairman Obafemi Owode Local Government, Ambassador Adesina Ogunsola has assured residents of the local government of even distribution of dividend of democracy while promising that all road network in the local government will receive adequate attention.

Ambassador Ogunsola said these while hosting some local government political leaders and media in the local government as part of activities marking his 100 days in office.

He said since he assumed office about three months ago, he had hit the ground running by executing some people oriented programmes.

In the three months he has been in charge as the executive chairman of Obafemi-Owode local government, payment of salaries, allowances other welfare benefits attended to as and when due.

He said he has procured tyres to the grader owned by the council to aid in making all link roads motorable without any problem. To ensure probity, prudence and transparency in revenue generation, utilization and management, and to shore up internally generated revenues of the council, Amb Ogunsola Lanrewaju Adesina said he had met with the contractors on how to improve more in the revenue remitted to the local government.

While thanking both political and career officers of the local government for their support,
Ambassador Ogunsola enumerated some of his achievements to include:

(1) Proposed and unveiling of ultra modern trailer park, Degbe, Alapako
(2) Extensive Renovation and refurbishment of Chairman and Vice Chairman’s

(8) Ongoing Construction of Ultra Modern Shopping Complex at Magboro

(4) Complete overhauling of Komatsu Engine and purchasing of Six new Tires
(5) Grading of road verges SIun-Owode Road.

(6) Extensive Rehabilitation and refurbishment of Obafemi/Owode
Legislative Chamber.
(7) Extensive Renovation and Refurbishment of Head of Local Government
Administration and Secretary to the Local Government’s Office.

(8) Renovation of Ajura Health Centre
(9) Renovation of Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Block.
(10) Renovation of Information, Education and Sports Block.
(11) Ongoing Reconstruction and Modernization of Obafemi/Owode Viewing Centre.
(12) Renovation of Community and Social Development Block.

(13) Renovation of Agriculture and Natural Resources Blocks.
(14) Distribution of Writing Materials to Pupils in Methodist Primary School, Oyero Kajola.
(15) Distribution of writing materials to pupils in Anglican Church Primary School
Laloko/Ebenezer Anglican Primary School, Igbooya, Onidundu.

(16) Distribution of writing materials to pupils in Obafemi/Owode Local Governmen
Primary School, Imo-ljiwo, Mokoloki.

(17) Distribution of writing materials to students of Adesan Community High School, Mowe.

(18) Refurbishing of Local Government Rate Bus.
(19) Proposed Bodude Ultra Modern Market, ExpresS way, Mowe.

(20) Proposed 50 units low cost Housing Estate.
(21) Refurbishing of MIKANO 60KV Generating Set.
(22) Purchase of drugs for distribution to all Health facilities of the Local Government.
(23) Refurbishing of official vehicle attacrhed to Finance and Supplies Department.
(24) Renovation of Planning, Research and statistics’ Block.


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