Ewekoro LG: Hon Adesina Celebrates One Year in Office With Array of Projects

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By Sakiru Olopade

Precisely on the 26th July, 2021, Hon Adesina Sikiru Adisa, along side other nineteen Local Government Chairmen in Ogun State was sworn-in as the executive chairman of Ewekoro Local Government to steer the ship of the council for the next three years.

According to a release signed by the Council’s Director of Information, Mr. Olopade Sakiru, Hon. Adesina Sikiru Adisa, as a man of the people, there were high hopes and expectations from him by  the indigenes and residents of the Council Area both at home and in the diaspora.

The release explained further that, Hon Adesina has spent one year in office with array of projects executed to the surprise of all and sundry, despite the dwindling fortunes in the Council’s allocation, Hon Adesina remains unperturbed, rather  promptly looked inwards on how to improve economic and social lives of the people.

“In our bid to improve the living standards of our people and ensure that much needed dividends of democracy get to the grassroot populace, this administration has partnered with private sector and through this process, we have been able to embark on some developmental projects “the chairman stated.

As part of activities marking the celebration of his one year in office, the Council Chairman, Hon Adesina Sikiru, gave account of his stewardship in the last one year, revealing some of the laudable projects he embarked on, such as the Ongoing construction of 32 Lock up shops at Yeye Olufunke’s shopping complex, Itori;

Ongoing construction of 20 Lockup shops at old market, Obada Oko; Ongoing construction of 84 units of Lockup shops and 40 units of Kee Clamp open stalls at Arigbajo market.

“These constructions when completed, are designed to increase the internally generated revenue capacity of the Local Government, enhance trade and commerce as well create empowerment for our people. The projects are being executed as Public Private Partnership Venture (PPP) and it shall be on a Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis” chairman disclosed.

Hon Adesina also stated that, in order to ensure that all earth roads are made motorable and convenient for the people, most especially the rural dwellers, his administration has ensured comprehensive repair of the local government grader.

He added that its to ensure all earth roads across the Council Area are graded, including the  rural areas in fulfillment of his administration all round development agenda ” chairman said.

Education, being the bed rock of any development, Hon Adesina stated that, improving the educational standard of lhis people is paramount, and thereby  awarded scholarship to 50 indigenes and non indigenous students to study at the Owu College of Management Technology, Wasimi.

“This act in no small measure will give succour to parents, guardians and students alike throughout the duration of their studies” Adesina said.

In the same vein, customized exercise books were printed and distributed to primary school pupils across the local government area; Comprehensive rehabilitation of a block of three classrooms and construction of pair of benches and desks were carried out at Baptist Primary school, Agbo;

Financial empowerment for the women in the Council Area, to boast and improve their economic lives.

Other Projects included, Comprehensive renovation of Council’s Conference room to conform with the normal standard and dignifying status;

The Council Boss,  knowing fully well the importance of Security, initiated the First Security Summit and meeting with Security Agencies and Stakeholders, during which security challenges were thoroughly discussed, on the need to reduce the level of insecurity in the Area to bearest minimum.

The people of the Council Area who spoke on their perception about Adesina’s administration, especially on his First year in office so far, unanimously agreed that their illustrious son had exceedingly done well and it has been so far, so good.

” Within one year of Hon Adesina, he has performed very well and I still believe that more dividends of democracy will be enjoyed by the people of the Council Area. I just want to call on people to support him to put the right peg in the right hole, so that he can do more ” Kassim Olaosebikan from Itori said.

“He knows where the shoe pinches the people of Ewekoro Local Government, and he has started addressing them. I hope by the end of his tenure, there will be a lot of developmental projects on ground to show case ”  Saka Idowu, from Papa said.

” Hon Adesina’s administration is masses friendly, he has started putting smile on the faces of grassroot dwellers, grading of roads, cash empowerment and economic revival is on course, to put Ewekoro Local Government on the right path and to be counted among the equals ” florence Taiwo, from Obada- Oko concluded.



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