Former African Champion, Carthage Eagles of Tunisia sent off AFCON 23 via Goalless Draw with South Africa

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The 2004 African Cup of Nations Champions, the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia were on Wednesday at the Coulibaly Stadium brought down and thrown out of the Championship in Ivory Coast by the Bayana Bayana of South Africa who rose at a vital time to play goalless with the North Africans in the Group E decider.

The game was even on stats as both teams struggled to score but their Arsenals fired blank. The Tunisians wore sad looks knowing that they were out of the competition.

South Africa has never beaten Tunisia as the Eagles won the two previous matches incidentally in the AFCON games as Tunisia won 2-0 on 26th January 2006 and 3-1 on 27th January 2008.

The Stallions of Mali surprisingly also played goalless with Namibia in another Group E match played simultaneously at Stade de San Pedro. It was the 7th successive qualification for Mali in the knockout stages.


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