Ijebu East LG Update: Wale  Adedayo is Manipulative – says Fasheyi Akindele 



After reading the content of Mr Wale Adedayo’s claims after his impeachment where he stated that I, Hon Fasheyi Akindele lied against him, then one can easily conclude that the former Chairman of Ijebu East is only trying to cover the truth which unfortunately cannot be covered.

As a product of culture and acclaimed Afenifere that he is, Mr Wale Adedayo should have just come out straight to tell the good people of Ijebu East, how he admitted to all the allegations leveled against him, then apologize to the good people of Ijebu East for disappointing them and for not being a good ambassador of the Sunshine Local Government.

Since the former chairman has failed to tell the truth of what happened at the sitting but choose to cook more lies to cover his reckless managerial skills, let me on this note tell the whole world how the former Chairman admitted to all the allegations leveled against him at the opportunity given to him to defend the allegations against him.

During the sitting/defence, the Chairman admitted to have wronged in the following areas :

1. Hon Wale Adedayo, you admitted that 2023 Budget is yet to be approved by the House. This is because the former Chairman failed to do the needful for the budget to be approved. Let me quickly say this, it is stated in the law that if the yearly Budget is yet to be approved by March or latest April, spending of LG funds should be stopped until the approval of the subsequent budget is approved.
Hon Wale Adedayo, you didn’t stop spending the local government funds till your suspension at the end of August 2023 without approval, which is punishable under the law and this you admitted.

2. It is also stated in the Local Government Law, that no money should be spent from the LG account without voucher. It was while the legislators were discharging their functions we discovered how the Local Government fund were being spent without voucher. Mr. Wale Adedayo admitted to the fact that money were indeed spent without voucher, which is an impeachable offense as stated by the law.

3. Hon Wale Adedayo, you claimed to have being getting “Zero Allocation” but at the chamber yesterday you admitted, to the fact that you collected the following money from Abeokuta:

A. N5.2 Million Naira was released to produce 290 table and chairs for schools within the Local Government, instead, Hon Adedayo only produced 20 chairs and when asked, he claimed he has diverted the money for something else which he did not state the “something else” and there was nothing that can it be pointed at.

B. Another N10.5 Million was sent from Abeokuta to complete the legislative chamber. Mr Wale Adedayo tried to convert the money to something which we rose against. It was the then Commissioner Afolabi Afuwape that supported us and stood the ground that the money must be used for what it was approved for by the state.

C. Mr Wale Adedayo, you failed to say something about the N8.5Million naira from the State which you admitted you got.

D. Mr Wale Adedayo, you also failed to account for the N20 Million Naira from the state which you also admitted you got.

E. The former chairman claimed to have used 17.5 Million from the state to patch road from Itamogiri to Ijebu Ife General hospital without any documents to back it up.

4. The legistors also asked you, Mr. Wale Adedayo, why you decided to print and contract out the sales of the
“developmental ticket”, you did also admitted that you thought the ticket has been passed into law by the legislators. At that point, I responded by saying such law should not be signed now because of the hardship in the land and that the ticket will only lead to double taxation for people at a time when the subsidy removal is bitting hard on the people.

At this point, I think the good people of Ijebu East Local Government should ask the former Chairman if all the aforementioned monies were from “charity organisations” and not from the Federal Allocation?

It is on this note, I challenge Mr Wale Adedayo to release the said “audio recording” of the proceedings at the hallow chamber of Ijebu East Local Government, Ogbere without being doctored.

It is on record that Mr. Wale Adedayo (aka Babalawo) was impeached by simple majority of the House in accordance of the established Standing Order of the Ijebu East Legislative Council.

I remain my humble self,
Hon. Akindele Fasheyi Adesuji
Leader of the Legislative Council,
Ijebu East Local Government Ogbere

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