OGU Inaugural Summit Holds at ASCON, Badagry on 27th – 29th of May, 2022

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Ogu General Assembly  a Socio-Cultural Organization of Ogu people at home and in diaspora with the primary aim of fostering unity and projecting the identity of the Ogu descendants has organised an inaugural summit slated for the 27th- 29th May, 2022.

According to Prof. Jendele Hungbo, the convener of the summit, Ogu is both a language and a people. The people who speak Ogu are Ogu.

He said several misconceptions and deliberate prejudices has continued to fly about, concerning the history, culture and Identity of the Ogu people, especially in Nigeria. Adding that, the most common but not limited to, are the erroneous naming of the people as “Egun” and the issue of their Nationality.

He further stated that, in the recent past, the people have risen with greater vigour, more than ever before to put the records straight.

Today, we have a Pan-Ogu Movement that is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission with the name Ogu General Assembly”

He disclosed that, the gathering slated for this weekend at ASCON, Badagry, 27th – 29th is the inaugural summit which would focus on the history, culture and identity of the Ogu; Featuring Keynote addresses, Panel discussants, Cultural displays and Dishes among others.

“Well meaning Ogu people can’t afford to miss this ‘Hunwhe’ and ‘Akopli’ OGA……MIJEPO!” Augustine concluded


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