Ogun Housewife Plans Husband’s Kidnapping, Says He is too Stingy

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By our crime Correspondent

Ogun Housewife arrested for planning with others to kidnap her husband who she said has money but is very stingy
A housewife, Memunat Salaudeen was on Monday, November 1, arrested by operatives of Ogun state police command for planning with three others to kidnap her husband.

The suspects were apprehended at about 6:30 pm along Papa/Itori road while men of Federal Highway patrol team, led by Inspector Sunday Imohiosen, were on stop and search duty. The team, accosted three young men namely Olayinka Lawal, Asungba Nura and Usman Oluwatoyin whose look was highly suspicious on a motorcycle, and stopped them for search.

While searching them, a cutlass and a new strong rope were recovered from them. The team quickly separated them and questioned them individually about their mission in that area with rope and cutlass.

The three of them gave different answers to the question, this further aroused the suspicion of the policemen, who then decided to interrogate them more.

In the course of interrogation, the three of them confessed that it was one woman who was later identified as Memunat Salaudeen that gave them the sum of N8000 to buy a cutlass and a rope strong enough to tie a human being.

They confessed further that, the woman who is a nurse in their area at Balogun tuntun Gas line Ifo, asked them to go and hide somewhere along that road, and that she will lure her husband to the place where they will kidnap him and tie him with the rope and then ask for ransom.

They further informed the police that, the woman told them that, that is the only way she can get money from her husband who she accused of being very stingy despite the fact that he has money. It was the place they were going according to their plan before they were intercepted by the police.

The woman was subsequently brought to the scene, and on seeing the arrested suspects, she admitted being the brain behind the whole thing.

She told the policemen that her husband has not been given her money and that she decided to plan his kidnapping in order to get money from him at all cost.

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