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Tope Oyekan

Friday, 30th September, 2022 is a day that will be remembered in the annals of celebration in the Gateway State, particularly amongst the Local Government personnels.

This is so, as one of the finest and brilliant in the local government service of Ogun State, Olalekan Oderinde, FCA, ACTI, MNIM, a Head of Local Government Administration, and Director of Management Services, Ogun State Local Government Service Commission, is being celebrated today, by colleagues, friends and associates, as he retired meritoriously after several years of selfless, dedicated, and passionate service delivery at the grassroot.

A confirmation of the honoree’s  acceptability by a large segment of the populace can be seen in the outpouring of love through voluntary donations towards the success of the day’s event.

Despite the brevity of time, and the constraints of space, the spontaneous response of donors, both individual and corporate, to the clarion call was overwhelming.

The planning committee was able to raise within two months, a substantial sum towards the hosting of a befitting valedictory party, which holds today at a cozy location in the state capital. This is just an attestation to the goodness of a man that is well loved by many.

Kudos goes to the committee who worked efficiently and effectively in this regard, though the charming gentleman that is being celebrated has also made the committee’s task an easy one, due to the fact that he is a brand that is sellable for all stakeholders buy-in.

A man with a large heart that flows with milk of human kindness, knowing him was not regretful!

Thanks to my Boss and Mentor, Mr. Olusegun Ogunjobi, (Stige – Omo Director), who introduced me to his friend and colleague, Lekan Oderinde (Oddy Gbangba), twenty nine years ago. Both were then Internal Auditors.

I worked as a Clerk under Mr. Ogunjobi at Ikenne Local Government, while Mr. Oderinde was at Odogbolu Local Government.

Having established and sustained my contact with him, I had the privilege of working with him in Ikenne Local Government as the Head, Information, Education and Sports between 2009-2011.

Then he was the Treasurer and Director of Finance, during Otunba Tiwalade Sobo’s (Indomie) administration. This period was a very remarkable period as we had the best of mutual and cordial working relationship.

He is a man of great intellect and uncommon leadership trait; highly discerning and very focused. His character is largely impeccable. I recalled his guidance and tutelage/mentorship at Ikenne Local Government during my first posting as Head of Department.

Olalekan Oderinde is a soft-spoken and unassuming personality, so friendly, accessible and very accommodating, someone whose sense of humour is second to none; that one will always find difficult to ignore.

Oderinde is a thoroughbred professional that loves to pay attention to details, a stickler for excellence he is; and he is also a man of proven integrity.

This has always been manifested in all the major assignments he has handled successfully in his career, as well as other spheres of human endeavour.

Still radiating a great zeal of energy, I have no doubt in my mind that he will be more useful to some of the associations and interest groups that he belongs to, such as the African Church; Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria; Abeokuta Sports Club; Nigeria Football Supporters Club; the Egba Forum; and most importantly, the local government service of Ogun State.

His cerebral disposition has always endeared him to the Commission, serving on various high-powered committees and also as resource person at several training programmes, culminating in his eventual postings, twice to the commission.

A very amiable personality and a great role-model that is worthy of emulation.

I appreciated his uncommon finesse and great panache, as usually exhibited in all that he does.

As he takes an heroic exit from the service, and looks forward to his 60th birthday celebration on the 4th of October, 2022, I express a heartfelt congratulations of myself and that of my family to him, while wishing him a rewarding, peaceful, and glorious retirement life.

May the good Lord continue to bless him, and be with him, and his entire household, till we meet again.


is a retired Chief Information Officer, and erstwhile Head, Information, Education, and Sports,
Ikenne Local Government


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