World Radio Day: Samo Canvasses for Trustworthiness among Journalists

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By Lola Adeyinka

The Vice-President, Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), South West Zone, Comrade Ronke Samo has urged Journalists and Media Practioners to ensure that trustworthiness becomes the hallmark of the profession in every facet they find themselves, and against all odds.

Comrade Samo said trust, though is a fragile cord, such that once broken, either by error of commission or omission or a deliberate act, is difficult to mend, Journalists must, however, ensure that it is one of their most cherished values, as only in doing this can they defend the truth which is the Profession’s duty.

Samo in a release heralding the World Radio Day, said it is only through trust, which journalists should be known for, that fulfillment, success and progress can be achieved in the noble profession of journalism.

This year’s edition of the World Radio Day celebration which holds annually on February 13, has been tagged : Radio and Trust, according to a release from the United Nations’ UNESCO organisation. It is the 11th edition of the celebration.

Samo’s statement reads in part:
On this glorious day of the World Radio Day celebration, I urged my colleagues in this noble profession to ensure that trust is a virtue they hold dearly and uphold as journalists and media practitioners. Trust itself is a virtue and it is very rare to find a trustworthy fellow. But with the nature of our job, trust is central, especially given the fact that the public trust us as Reporters.

“We must therefore ensure that we do not disappoint the public who repose such absolute confidence in us. We must therefore, also stay clear of fake news. And we should ensure that we represent the truth in whatever information we disseminate.

“This year’s theme for the World Radio Day, according to Susan Asthworth is Radio and Trust. It is a further testimony that the public trust Radio and by extension, the Radio broadcasters and journalists.

” Radio is regarded as the most accessible medium of mass communication to the public because of its cheap and very wide accessibility to the grassroots and this elicits the trust the public has in this medium of mass communication.

“By extension, as we celebrate the trustworthiness of Radio today, we should also emulate this virtue by being trustworthy in our dealings as Reporters” Samo admonished.

“While l join millions of radio users, listeners and broadcasters world-wide to celebrate this unique day, l urge my colleagues to remain trustworthy so that we can meaningfully contribute our quota to nation building. Thank you and happy celebration” She concluded.


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